Germany Chapter

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Chapter Director: Bonn,DE

Meet Ozzy! | @ozzy_aaw

Hi I am Ozzy,

Living in Bonn, Germany and love to drive Porsche and take pictures of special Porsche moments. My passion started with the first Porsche 911, a 996 C2 Cabriolet in dark blue nearly ten years ago. In that time the 997 was the new model and to be honest, I love all forms of 911 - for me it's a design
derived from the females curves - but the lights of the 996, the so called "Spiegeleier" are still not as classic as all other lights before. I think it's because of driving a Bug, Käfer Cabriolet, when I was young.

I fell more and more in love with the classical design and we switched to a deep black 993 Carrera 4S. I would say it's the best approach to the females curves. But also the 993 was not as classical as we were looking for.
It ended up we sold the 993. and decided in buying a 964 C2 Cabriolet in dark blue again. So it was now close to perfection, missing the coupe chassis and the deep black. 


So, our final 911 is the 964 C2 Coupe from 1992 in deep black with no sunroof and golden BBS Le Mans rimes.

Ambassador: Munich,DE

Meet Susanne! | @susanne.marack

Susanne, 31, from Munich, has been a Porsche girl since her earliest childhood: she grew up in her father's car dealership near the birthplace of Porsche, Gmünd in Carinthia in Austria. Even then, her favorite toy was a black 930 pullback car - that one day she would at least visually own such a car, she had not dared to dream.


In fact, Susanne was looking for a "normal" 1986/1986 Carrera 3.2 in 2017 when she happened to come across the offer of a factory turbo look. Even if nothing came of it, she decided to spend a few euros more on her Porsche project and right with the next offer her personal factory turbo look was found - the first offer, the first contact to the dealer more than 650km away from Munich, immediately the first test drive a hit. If she was afraid to choke off the engine before the first time, it was as fast as the first laps with the black WTL felt as if she had never driven another car. 


After only 3 years, the two have already covered well over 10,000km together and are a true dream team. In addition to the black 911, which is also called "Stacy", Susanne also has a Volkswagen model as well as a Dodge - but the next 911 is already in the planning stage. Privately, Susanne is team leader of Marack Motorsport, her team drives a 964 Cup, professionally she is marketing manager at the official European importer of Ram Trucks and Dodge. Stacy is a 1987 Carrera 3.2 RDW, which has been converted to 930 optics, "factory turbo look" without further documentation in Japan. Professionals only see the difference to the original on the lifting platform. The Porsche still has matching numbers, the VIN can also be found on the upper arm of owner Susanne as a tattoo.