Illinois Chapter

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Chapter Director: Chicago

Meet Molly! | @gearheadworkspace

I chose WiP because they have been doing an amazing job at bringing together female Porsche enthusiasts. I saw that there was not a Chicago chapter and knowing how strong the Porsche community is in this city I knew we could grow a strong chapter to help the greater community.

Chapter VP 

Meet Tammy! | @tammywhitacre

Although I grew up around fast cars in Detroit, it was not until my 40s that I was intimately introduced to Porsche. As a gift, I received a 2014 Carrera S White on Black. I was curious to know if women could race their Porsches. Yes, they can and yes, I do!


WiP connected me with my own Species within the Car World, as well as the Passion of Porches.

Chapter Secretary & Chapter Treasurer

Meet Renea! | @nursebuddy1228

Meet Justin! | @mckeownjustin

My interest in Porsches is a newer venture for me.  Almost four years ago, my now fiancé sent me a picture of a speed yellow 996 and asked what I thought.  Well, ever since then, I have been learning from him about these cars and have come to appreciate them for a variety of reasons.  What I truly love most is our time in the car.  Whether it's a weekend getaway, a day trip or just a quick jaunt on the surrounding scenic roads, we always have so much fun and have made many memories! Now we have the chance to spend more time around others who feel the same way about their P-cars and make new memories with our WiP friends!

I chose WIP, because I saw it as an opportunity to give back to others. Being a man in a woman dominated field has been nothing short of amazing, and the women I’ve worked alongside have been the greatest mentors, peers, and role models. I’m hoping to make more women aspiring to get involved with the car community feel that same way

Brand Ambassador

Meet Jenny! | @hotsake911

I have always been a motorsports junkie since a young girl and have felt a desperate need to find like-minded women. Joining WiP has filled that void of searching for a community that celebrates women in motorsports.


We have arrived and we're here to stay! 

#WiPCARES Ambassador

Meet Michelle Anne! | @michelle.anne.creative

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