Illinois Chapter

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Chapter Lead: Chicago

Meet Molly! | @gearheadworkspace

Hi, I’m Molly! My fascination with cars started when I was a little kid. I remember falling in love with the Ferrari Testarossaat the Chicago Auto Show and we always had fun cars growing up. My dad had Corvettes, my mom drove a Miata, and us kids all got to learn to drive Jeep Wranglers. My husband and I started going to HPDE track days with our Corvette, but as we progressed in our skill we wanted to push the car beyond its limits. A friend suggested we trade in for a Cayman S and from then on our love for the Porsche brand has flourished! 

We own a diy auto shop in Chicago and among the Porsche owners we have found a strong supportive community that loves driving and working on their own cars. It’s a perfect fit for us. We now have three P-cars. The Cayenne S is our shop truck, which is perfect for towing the race cars. We inherited a Boxster S project car as our daily, which we are enjoying bringing back to life. To no surprise to us we pushed the Cayman past its limits on the race track and killed the engine due to oil starvation, so we are in the process of swapping that for an LS1 engine and the Cayman will become a more pure track toy.

I’m very excited to be a part of the Chicago chapter as we continue to learn about, enjoy, and work on these beautiful machines!