Los Angeles (HQ)

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Chapter Lead: LA

Meet Laurina! | @reginadiporsche

When I first entered the world of Porsche, I was a child who was seeing through the lens of her very skilled and knowledgeable father. A mechanic and body man by trade, my dad was passionate about P-Cars before it was popular among others and long before the current phenomena of today; before the excitement of Luftgekult, Singer, Emory and Wilhoit, before Seinfeld or Leno were revered as the leaders of the collector community worldwide, before the 964 became the new cool, before backdates and Safari and HotRods hit the roads, my dad was tinkering and massaging and building and loving on Porsche Cars in his own driveway. It was there, still in diapers, that I began to help him with his work- handing him a screwdriver here, holding onto nuts and bolts there, soaking in the knowledge he wanted to impart- but more so, building on the passion and love he had for these works of art. We had weekly dinner dates where he would pick me up to whisk me off to the ever-fine dining establishments of Taco Bell or Wendy’s, in vintage 356’s or (at the time) not-so-old 911’s. I remember, vividly, being so small that my feet barely extended past the edge of the seat I was thrust back into it as my dad hit the gas, my first experiences of the gorgeous sound that is so well known by our community, unfolding. Flash forward to 2016 and a life changing decision would land me at the forefront of the Porsche world, although I had little understanding of just how much that choice would in fact alter the trajectory of my norm. Now, as the CEO of Espo and Founder of WIP, I’m fully submerged in the Porsche world and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way, It’s the happiest I can say I’ve been in any job, and I feel the most at HOME. It’s like I’ve made my way full circle! I hope that other women out there who feel like maybe they’re on their own will see all these incredible women in the WIP community and feel inspired to join us, and know that they are truly part of something amazing! Welcome to WIP! 

Chapter ambassadors:

Meet Mailani! | @deafsushi

I was born into a Porsche-loving family. My dad bought his first Porsche when he was 17, a 1962 356, that he restored and flipped to buy his 1955 Speedster. Growing up, my dad bought, restored, and sold countless 912s. When my dad worked on our cars, I was his tool runner, brake pumper, and his sidekick at all Porsche swap meets and events. Around the age of six, I would sit on my dad's lap to steer and shift while he operated the pedals in whatever Porsche we had at the time.

At 23, I bought my first Porsche, a light ivory 1968 912 Targa for $2,700 when nobody wanted 912s, especially the short wheelbase. I've always loved these cars and never been one to let others' opinions sway my preferences. My most recent purchase is my black 2008 Cayenne, which I use as my commuter car. Legally, the first Porsche I drove was my 1999 996 that I bought as a 30th birthday present to myself.

The 904, also known as the Carrera GTS, is my favorite Porsche of all time. It's an incredibly sexy car. I love how Porsche isn't just defined by one thing. It's about the cars, of course, but it's also a wonderful and diverse community of family and friends. It's a lifestyle.

Meet Karina! |@my911diaries

Karina- originally born in Brazil but has planted her roots in Los Angeles for over the last two decades. Karina has 20 years of experience in business consulting spanning from her work with Harman Kardon to Bauer Publishing (In Touch, Life & Style and Closer magazines). Karina has always shared a passion for Pcars since she was a young girl. She put her passion to the test by obtaining her first Porsche, a 2019 Carrera T this past January where she then became an ambassador and great supporter of WIP. Karina has been enjoying leading the WIP efforts, where she helps spread our mission around the world.

Karina is a marketing consultant and speaks 3 languages. She enjoys connecting and collaborating with clients around the globe. When she is not pursuing her profession, Karina always has time for a fun Canyon drive in her Carrera T. working out, and traveling.