Norcal Chapter

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Regional Director: San Francisco

Meet Rhoda! | @rhodabueno

I chose WiP because it is a diverse and inclusive community of real women (and men) with a genuine love for all things Porsche. We connect, we inspire, and we support each other as we pursue our shared passion, all while having fun and giving back.

Chapter Director: Sacramento

Meet Madison! | @madisonp872

My name is Madison Petrali and I’m from Sacramento, CA!


I have always had a special place in my heart for Porsche cars ever since I was really young. Even though no one else in my family had an interest in anything related to automobiles, I somehow was taken by Formula 1 racing, Indy, and beautiful cars, specifically those with that distinctive Porsche crest on them! 

I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to actually own one, and to date, I am now on my third! My first Porsche was a 2011 Cayenne S (P3), followed by my dearly missed 2013 Panamera GTS (P4). I LOVED that car (it took me 9 months and a trip to Washington to find her) and I thought I’d be keeping her for quite a while…until she showed up. That would be my current love, my 2005 Carrera S (P1). I have always longed for a 911 and this was just too good to pass up. It sadly meant saying goodbye to my GTS, but every time I take the 997.1 out for a drive, I am reminded of why I love my car and just how fortunate I am to have one. 

I can’t wait to get Women in Porsche up and running full throttle! I love track days, autocross, fun day drives, or just meeting for coffee! Anytime an activity involves a Porsche (or several!) it’s always a good time! The cars are amazing, the people and community just make it all the better! Cheers!