Ontario Chapter

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Chapter Director: Toronto

Meet Kristy! | @carsbykho

I chose WiP because the union of a community that promotes feminine strength is essential and shows that women own their own destiny, be it accelerating in a Porsche Car or in the direction of their own lives.

Chapter Ambassador: Ontario

Meet Taylor! | @mrsretowerks

My name is Taylor.  I am a 25 year old female with a fascination and passion for rare cars with a special focus on Porsche cars.  

My Porsche passion started when I met my boyfriend Max, owner of Retrowerks Garage, which specializes in air cooled Porsche 911s.  

As time went on,  my interest for the Porsche marque grew.  At first I watched and helped  Max dismantle wrecked cars to salvage usable parts.  Then I became involved in the build of the  Martini car which we call “Hippo” due to its tiny mirrors and wide hips,  resembling a hippopotamus.

Now,  2 years later,  I take cars apart, catalogue and price parts for sale, and of course I still enjoy working on Max’s 911,  each time we come up with a new project for it.  I have learned the name of many parts and their function and believe it or not I’ve memorized some of their part numbers!