Wisconsin Chapter

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Chapter Lead: Madison 

Meet Victoria! | @victoriathomasvt

Hi, I'm Victoria. 

I am one of the owners of Kelly-Moss Road & Race based out of Madison, WI.  We are a Porsche-centric brand, currently campaigning 25 race drivers (including one amazing woman)  in 4 series, along with having about 100 Porsche project builds happening in our 85,000 sq ft shop right now.  

Most of our projects range from 6 months to two and half years, and we are booked out almost for years for our safari builds, some you may recognize.  


My husband and I make an amazing team.  Andy is an engineer and designer and oversees the production side of our business, where I am operations.  More accurately, he's the gas and I'm the brakes!  Also, he's the one the clients love to talk too (design), and I'm the one they'd rather avoid (billing).

We have four beautiful strong amazing daughters and my dog Roo is always by my side. 


Our play is deeply tied to our work, and I am grateful. 

I love the Porsche community, and supporting women in this industry is something I'm very passionate about. 


I grew up with a feminist mother and at 5 years old I marched to support women having the right to establish credit, and many other causes with NOW (National Orginaztion for Women)  I love that I was explosed to such stregnth, and love more that so many of the large issues fought as nearly non-issues for me.  I am a minority in our industry, but my stance is to fully support being a woman and the differences between the genders.  I feel my best job in this battle is to be a representative of what is possible so more girls see there are no limitations.  


Although I lead a very busy life, I wanted to become involved with WIP to go back to my roots.  It feels great to, once again, be a part of uplifting women. 

I look forward to learning the stories of the amazing females within this organization, to share with those around me the value in being a part of WIP.  I look forward to being part of something larger and to join in the cause of raising the female voice within the amazing community surrounding the Porsche brand.